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A Jumping Little Joint

With our foot-long hot dogs and shakes so YUMMY you'll be COMING BACK for more.... this is GOOD MOOD FOOD for the whole family.


The Burke Family has owned this Drive-in for 48 years.  Very little has changed since the first day all those years ago, we still follow the same Coney Sauce Recipe.  Unlike other fast food resturants, we are still making our Rudy's Rootbeer daily in 50 gallon vats by stirring in the ingredients, one by one.


We are an old fashioned, Coney Island Drive-in with Car-hop service with the trays on the cars, homemade root beer in a chilled glass mug.


Rudy's Drive-In  is perfect for the family, you can even come in your pajamas!  Grab your children, bring your dog (we give free dog treats)  and have an experience that is unique to just a few places around the country.


Our customers are the most loyal, most appreciated in Jackson County!  

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